Get Fifty Thousand (N50,000) For Just Five Hundered (N500) - S Naziru Ahmad

Get Fifty Thousand (N50,000) For Just Five Hundered (N500) - S Naziru Ahmad

Beep once again, it has been a while that i haven't post anything on this page. But i'm here with a shocky post, and don't forget i'm still S Naziru Ahmad.

In this write up i will show you a way on how to get N50000 using just N500 on your glo sim card.

What Can I Do With The 50000?

  • Transfer to family and friends.
  • Make any subscription.
  • You can browse with them.
  • Send sms.
  • Make calls.
  • And the pretty part is that you can turn them in to cash, yeah!

How Do I get This Offer.

As we know this is an offer only for glo users, moreover the glo sim card you want to use for this trick must have a connection with GT Bank, meaning it must be the sim that you are receiving alerts with. It sounds fabulous right? Lets dive in and see how!


  • Glo Cape App (Nigeria)
  • A Minimum Of 500 that you will use in toping up your glo sim card.

Now lets start!

1. Download The App From Playstore 

2. Open the app and register with your glo phone number. If you like you can add your email address or you can skip it.

3. When the app opened click on RECHARGE button in the almost top of the app.

4. In the recharge page, enter that same glo number that you registered with, and the amount which is N500. Amount greater or lower than that are not tested, so use as it is.

5. It will takes you to a payment page, which by defaults come as GTpay, thats why it is only applicable to GT users users.
Thats all, dont forget to share with me, lol.


Have a nice stay over there, happy earth's day. alert-success

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