Problen 100% Solved: Now Opening Using Glo Network.

Solved 100% Custom Domain Now Opens Using Glo.

Glo is a widest ISP In Nigeria, And it happened that, users with Glo cannot access your Blog when you use a custom domain. It make the blog owner to miss alot, as million of visitors can't visit your blog due to such problem.

This problem results to reducing of visitors which may drag your traffic back. And makes you lose some dollars.

What Is The Solution?

I have experienced many things when trying to solve such problem. I get some methods which partially works and some doesn't work at all.

1. Using Opera Mini: Your blog might not open well, some features may be hidden due to the browser.

2. Using VPN: this works partially, but it will be annoying to say that your visitors have to connect to a VPN before accessing your blog, thats kinda useless.

3. Using UC Browser: may be this might work for the past, even if it is still working, it doesn't work to me.

Now the option is to ask from others bloggers whose blogs open using Glo network. I ask some mates, Some tell me that they are facing such problem while some demand for money!

Now Its Past Tense, I Get It working And I Can Help Any Blogger Facing Such Problem To Solve It.

Thanks, Regards; S Naziru Ahmad.

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