How To View Hidden Friends Of Your Friend On Facebook

How To View The Hidden Friends Of Your Friend On Facebook.

Good day guys, how are doing? Hope you are doing great. I am back again here to share a trick on how to view the hidden friends of your friend on facebook. As you know once your hide his friend list as '', then you can only see the friends you have in common which facebook refers to as Mutual friends. Without talking much lets dive onto the processes.

Hence, if you use the Facebook Friends Mapper tool you may be able to view some of his hidden Facebook friends by making use of the ‘mutual friend’ logical flaw.
See below to use the Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome extension
1. Go to Chrome web store and install Facebook Friends Mapper extension.
2. Open Facebook profile of the user you want to target.
3. You will find ‘Reveal Friends’ option on Friends tab.
4. Click on Reveal Friends and there you go.
However, you need to meet just one condition:
You can use Facebook Friends Mapper extension in the event you want to view hidden Facebook Friend list of anyone, only if you satisfy the following condition:
You must have at least one mutual friend who is friends with the Facebook user, whose friends list you want to target. It is not important if you are friends with him/her or not.
As it was launched just a few days ago, many of the users are not yet aware about Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome extension, the Facebook Hacking Tool.
Google Chrome Extension Store let’s you install Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome extension free of cost.
Please note that if you wish to keep your friends list private, then Facebook’s current privacy setting would not help you to address the problem. Hence, before this tool gets rowdy, we anticipate a privacy patch from Facebook Security team as early as possible.

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