How To Unblock Your Self On WhatsApp

How To Unblock Your Self On Whatsapp

some time you wanna chat with some one and he ends up blocking you which really annoys you, here is a procedure on how to unblock your self and continue chatting with him.

Step 1: Take down the number of the person that blocked you then delete it from your contact list.

Step 2: Back up your contacts, you can do this by going to Settings > Chats > chat backup. You'll be prompted to select a Google account where the messages and media files will be stored. Once done, click “ Back Up”

Step 3: Delete your whatsApp Account Go to account settings delete your account. Once done, you will no longer be active on WhatsApp, and technically, no one can block a contact which is not on WhatsApp. So, whoever blocks you will no longer have you on the blocked list.

Step 4: Clear your whatsApp data Navigate to your phone settings > app > WhatsApp and clear the data to avoid any coincidence.

Step 5: Re-download/Install Whatsapp Now, download WhatsApp again or get one from a friend through Xender, then register your number.

Step 6: Restore Chats After registering, you'll receive a prompt to restore your backed up messages.
Accept it, then tap next once it is completed. Now, your chats will be displayed once initialization is complete.

Step 7: Re-add contact Finally, save the contact of the person that blocked you which you earlier wrote down. That's all Readers! You've successfully unblocked yourself. You can now locate the contact on WhatsApp and message him/her. Isn't that savage?

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