Get Free Bitcoins On Pivot Android App


==> Install Pivot Android App
==> After registration you have the options of
read posts, share posts and invite friends to
earn POWER.
==> This power is then converted to allow you
qualify for the bitcoin bonus of the day.
Once the percentage of total POWER for that
day is calculated, you are given your own share
of the BONUS in BTC.

1) What is BONUS?

In order to encourage users to promote the
Pivot community, Pivot organized a campaign
called “Daily BTC Bonus”, the bonus
is FOUR BTC per day which everyone have a
share either you invite or not.

2) What is POWER?

FOUR bitcoin will be distributed to users as
bonus per day,POWER is the certificate
of “Daily BTC Bonus”, which decides how much BTC Bonus you can get.
For example, if 10000 POWER is distributed to
all users in one day, and user A gets 100
POWER, then he/she will receive 1% of the BTC
in the bonus pool of this day(given the bonus
pool is 4 BTC), which is 0.04BTC ≈252USD.

How to Get Power

For you to get power, you are to read posts and
claim the power tag attached to it.
Not necessary you read the full post, i just go
straight to the power tag and claim.
And for every post that you read, you will be
rewarded with 100 POWER. The maximum
reward is 2000 POWER per day! You’ll also
receive PVT as a special bonus for reading
posts everyday.
Also you get power when someone upvote your post, so much post gets you more power.

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