Who Is S Naziru Ahmad?

My Name Is S Naziru Ahmad, I am A Learner All the time, impact learning is my job. I like to learn something new and teach it to others.

I Was resided In Tudun jukun Zaria, A Giant Place in the history of kaduna state. My Aim to make this website is to help the upcoming youth and any body who intent to learn. Just visit this page i am sure you will one day regret when you miss it.

Hold it with care and visit it regularly as not all posts will be leaved all the time due to security reasons. You can learn many things here which include: A. Programming
B. Making Money Online
C. Ethical Hacking (I will not be held responsible i will share the knowledge for educational purpose, and if you misuse it, YOU WILL GO TO JAIL
D. Security
E. How Tos
F. Internet of Things And Giveaways. Thanks, See You Next..

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