Make N5000 Every Week

Make N5000 Every Week.

Hi dudes, S Naziru Ahmad Back again with a legit way on how to make a minimum of N5000 Every Week.

Doubting? Oops, it is legit as i ealier said, Naijapay is an online platform that you get paid by reading and commenting on news.

Its not the first of it kind, there are Nnu, Zinoly, Naijanews and more. They offer same service but Naijapay has more earning ability as it is recently opened. Overcrowding make such website and its kind to reduce payment or add payout target. Let me not talk too much, and get deep into the bussiness.

Once you signed up on Naijapay, You will be paid by doing the beneath activities:

  • By Signing Up You Get N200 as a welcome bonus.
  • You Get N5 For every News You read.
  • N10 For a well constructed comment.
  • N3 for replying to a comment.
  • N250 for sharing sponsored posts to your social media account.
  • N1000 When you refer a friend i.e Direct Referral.
  • N300 for indirect referrals, i.e when some one register with your referral link and he refer some one using his referral links, you earn for that, so nice.
  • N3 per clicks on your referral, you get paid when ever your refferal link is clicked.
  • N1 for viewing every page.
  • N100 For daily login.
How nice the platform is, They payouts Every friday unlike other platforms that pays out every monthly.

How Can I Join?

Visit the website link.

You just Need A one time payment of N2000 for your account to be activated.

Once youre done you are good to go!!!.

How Do I Get My Payment Into My Bank Account And What Is The Minimum Payout?

In your profile page make sure you enter your account details that you wish to recieve the payment, labelled payment settings, it should be a sample of this

Acct Name, Account Number, Bank Name.

That is:

S Naziru Ahmad, 1234567890, The Genius Bank.

Dont care the above account details are imaginary, so used your correct account for details to avoid mistakes. But if you want be paid faster you can type in my account details... It seems funny? I am not scamming any body so use yours.

The minimum payout was initially N5000 but according to the recent update, its now N3000. So you can withdraw your money once you reach the target. The withdrawal portal is opened every monday 6am to 12noon.

Thats all you need? Need more, questions or more details? Comment below.

Bye, Happy New Year.

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